Pumpkin & Sausage Linguine

Yes, I know! The color of this dish looks so weird. :p

1. Cook linguine. Drain and cool down. Set aside for later use.

2. Boil pumpkin in water till cooked.

3. Mash pumpkin in a bowl. If you want it to be very smooth, you can use a blender.

4. Heat a little oil in the pan. Fry sausage slices till a little brownish.

5. Add in chopped garlic. Stir fry till aromatic.

6. Add in mashed pumpkin and 1/4 cup water or stock. Simmer for a little while. If you want it to taste more creamy, you can also add 1-2 tablespoon cream or cheese.

7. When soup reduces, add in cooked linguine.

8. Sprinkle mixed herbs. Mix well.

9. Season with salt and black pepper.


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