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Tomato & Potato Soup

It’s a very easy soup.


A little garlic and ginger granules.

3 medium tomatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

5 small potatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

Salt, 1 tsp sugar, black pepper powder, 1 tsp cream (optional), water.

1. Heat a little oil in the pan, and put garlic and ginger in. Stir fry a bit.

2. Put all the tomato pieces and potato pieces in. Stir fry a little.

3. Add in water cover all ingredients. Then turn to low heat, and cover the pan with lid.

4. Simmer till potato softened and soup condensed. 

5. Add in cream and sugar. Stir evenly. Last put in salt and black pepper powder.

It goes well with homemade bread.