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Homemade Onsen Tamago

My husband loves onsen tamago. I tried many times before but failed. I used thermometer this time and finally I succeeded.

Take eggs out from refrigerator and let them to be room temperature.

In a deep pot, pour into enough water that should covers eggs.

When the water temperature reaches 60 degree C, put the eggs into water gently.

Make sure temperature between 60 – 70 degree C. And boil for 30-40 mins. I boiled 37 mins. If the temperature gets higher than 70 degree C, add in a little cold water. You can also put in ice cube. Turn to the low heat or lowest heat of stove, so the temperature can be easily controlled.

When the time is up, soak eggs into cold icing water for a while.

Beautiful homemade onsen tamago.

A Simple Japanese Cuisine Dinner: Soba & Fried Shishamo & Fried Dumplings

My husband loves soba, especially cold soba.

It’s very easy and quick to make cold soba.

1. Put soba in boiling water for 3 minutes.

2. Take soba out and soak in cold water. Then drain them.

3. Put several ice cubes on sushi mat. And put drained soba on ice.

4. Sprinkle some seaweed.

5. Eat with soba sacuce.

Fry Shishamo in pan till both sides turn golden brown.

There is a lot of eggs in shishamo’s belly, very tasty.

Soba, Shishamo and some fried dumplings make a simple and delicious Japanese dinner.