Cook Egg Tofu in 3 Ways

I used to dislike egg tofu, but now I like it. This dish actually includes 3 ways to cook egg tofu. We also call egg tofu Japanese tofu.

First, cut egg tofu into even-sized pieces. Coat them with corn starch, and fry them in oil in hot pan till both side turn golden brown.

After being fried, Egg tofu is crunchy outside but soft inside. It’s a super easy way to cook egg tofu but still yummy.

If you think it’s too easy, and you want to add some vegetables, please move on to the next procedure.

Prepare carrot, shiitake, celery. And cut them into small pieces.

Heat some oil in the pan. First stirfry carrot, then add in shiitake, and celery at last. Also add in some oil sauce with a little water. Keep stir frying. Before the sauce is almost dry, add in fried egg tofu. Quick stir fry all together, and take them out into the plate.

This is yummy stir fry egg tofu with vegetables.

And if you are an egg lover, just like my husband. You are gonna like the following step.

Beat two eggs in a bowl, add in a little salt and mix well. Heat a little oil in the pan. Pour egg in it. Before egg gets solidify, put stir fried egg tofu and vegetables on the egg. Once egg at the bottom gets solidify, take them out.


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