Creamy Mushroom Sauced Linguine with Salmon

A perfect simple and quick meal for rushing hours.

1. Cook linguine according to the instruction and set aside.

2. Season salmon with salt and pepper. Heat a pan. Add in a little oil. Sear salmon with skin side down for 2-3 mins. Then flip over and fry for another 2-3 mins. And fry each side for another 1 min. Set salmon aside.

3. No need to wash pan. Use the same pan. Add in a little extra oil. Fry mushroom slices.

4. Add in a little chopped garlic. Sauté a bit.

5. Pour in 1/2 cup stock or water. Simmer mushroom for a little while, like 3 mins.

6. Add in 2-3 tablespoon cream. Stir well. Put cooked linguine in. Blend well.

7. Season with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

Serve with salmon.


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