Pan Fried Pork Chop

Pork chop marinated with salt and black pepper for a while.

1. Heat pan with medium-high heat.

2. Put pork chop in the pan. Fry each side for around 3 mins.

3. Add in a pieces of butter in the pan. When butter melted, use a spoon to scoop butter onto chop. Flip the chop, and keep doing this procedure. Till chop is done.

4. Take chop in the plate. Chop onion and bell pepper into strips. 

5. There will melted butter left in the pan. Heat it. 

6. Put chopped vegetables in. Stir fry.

7. Add in a little salt, black pepper and sugar. Simmer for around 2 mins.

Then the side dish is done. Put it aside the chop.


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