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Butter & Honey Roasted Pork Belly

Preheat oven to 180 degree C.

Melt a small pieces ( around 10 g) butter in the pan by medium heat. Then add in 2 tsp honey. Mix them well.

Place a strip of pork belly in the pan. Fry two sides till golden brown.

Turn off the stove. Pour butter & honey into baking pan. Then put pork belly into baking pan too. Sprinkle some salt over pork belly’s skin.

Put baking pan into oven. Roast for around 40 mins.

Cut into small chunks and serve.

Even the skin part tastes very chewy. Meat is very tender.


Stir Fry Pork With Ladyfinger

Actually, I didn’t expect this dish will taste so good. And it’s very simple.

1. Put ladyfingers in boiling water for 2 minutes. Then take them out, remove two ends off and cut them into small pieces.

2. Cut pork into thin slice. Heat some oil in the pan. Stir fry pork till it gets a little golden brown.

3. Add in ladyfinger, a little light soy sauce and salt. Quick stir fry for another minute or two. And it’s done.

As to pork, I recommend pork belly, because it contains fat, which makes it taste better.