Chicken Soup Noodle

When my husband feels sick, I cook him chicken soup. Actually, every time I make chicken soup, it’s possibly to leave some over. So I keep the left soup in a jar and stored in fridge. Stored chicken soup can be used to cook. And the easiest one is to cook noodles.

This is the fresh soup not the stored one.

It’s easy to make chicken soup. 

Put chicken in a deep pot. Add in enough water and several ginger slices. Turn to high heat at first. When the soup boiled, turn to low height. If you want really good chicken soup, you’d better cook it for at least one hour. The soup will taste really great. I cooked it for about one hour and a half. And add some salt to it, or it will be plain. I also added several shiitake, because I really like it.

You can cook noodle when chicken soup is almost done. Just cook noodle with water. When noodle is cooked. Take it out and drain. After drained, put noodle in a bowl. 

Scoop some chicken soup and add to noodle in the bowl. If you like, you can add some green vegetables and chopped spring onion. 

My husband are it all, even he’s sick. It’s very nutritious.


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