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One-pot French Beans & Noodles


French Beans / Long beans 200g  (trimmed and cut into shorter pieces)

pork belly 200g (cut into slices)

fresh noodles 300g

garlic 3 cloves (chopped)

light soy sauce 1 tbsp

dark soy sauce 2 tsp

oyster sauce 1 tsp

sugar 1 tsp

water 1 cup


1, Heat a pan, Add in 2 tsp oil. Fry pork with low medium heat to sear out the fat till the edge turns slightly golden brown color. Set pork aside for later use.

2, Use the same pan (with the remaining oil), stir fry garlic till aromatic.

3, Add in French beans, stir fry for about 2 mins.

4, Add all the pork back into the pan. Stir fry for another min.

5, Add in light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar. Stir fry evenly.

6, Pour in water.

7. Bring to boil with high heat. Pour out 1/3 of the stock.

8, Lid on and simmer with low heat for 3 mins.

9, Spread noodles over pork and beans. Cover with lid and simmer for 3 mins.

10, Noodles will absorb the stock, so add in half of the stock kept in step 7 evenly over the noodles. simmer for 3 mins.

11, Mix noodles with pork and beans. Add in the rest stock. Simmer for 3 mins.

12, Stir noodles and reduce the sauce. Check whether noodles are done. If no, simmer a bit longer, add in a bit more water if needed. If yes, ready to serve.


A Good Way To Consume Leftover Curry

I cook curry occasionally.


One problem is that every time chicken and potato will be eaten but plenty of curry sauce is leftover. Actually, curry sauce is very tasty, I was wondering if I could use the leftover sauce to make a stew or something.

  1. Prepare shiitake mushroom (wash and cut into wedges), tofu (cut into small chunks) and French beans (trim two ends).
  2. Pour the curry into a pot. After chilled in fridge for overnight, it already became paste. Also pour in 1/2 – 1 cup water, depends on how thick your curry paste is.
  3. Add in some extra curry powder if necessary. Just in case water makes the curry flavor lighter. and also add in 1 tablespoon tomato sauce. Stir gently.
  4. When the curry boils, add in shiitake mushroom and tofu pieces. Turn to low heat. Let the mushroom and tofu braise in curry for a while. Let’s say at least 10-15 mins to make the flavor go in.
  5. Put the Frech beans in. You can break the beans into halves if you think they are too long. Simmer for another 5 mins.
  6. Season with salt.


Tofu is so juicy and full of curry favor. I really like this way to reform curry and also use it to the utmost.


It’s an easy dish to cook without much preparation.

1. Make batter. I used tempura flour. Please read the instruction about the ratio of water and flour.

2. Prepare prawns ( remove head and shell but leave the shell on the tail). Cut vegetables into slices. I recommend carrot, eggplant, mushroom and French beans. French beans can be just cut into medium pieces.

3. Heat the oil in a deep pot. Put a chopstick in it. If many small bubbles show up at the bottom, then it’s ok to deep fry.

4. Dip prawns and vegetables in the tempura batter and deep fry till golden brown.

Udon soup would be a good choice to be served with.

Stir Fry French Beans

It’s an easy and quick dish.

1. Cut French beans into medium pieces. Or you can just break them by hands.

2. Heat some oil in the pan. Put in chopped garlic and stir fry a bit.

3. Put in French beans. Stir fry till their color turns dark green.

4. Sprinkle some salt. And pour in water covers half French beans.

5. Cover the pan with lid for a while. Stir them a bit. And braise for a while till water is almost dry.

6. Add in 1 tsp oyster sauce. Quick stir fry evenly. And it’s done.