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Tomato & Potato Soup

It’s a very easy soup.


A little garlic and ginger granules.

3 medium tomatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

5 small potatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

Salt, 1 tsp sugar, black pepper powder, 1 tsp cream (optional), water.

1. Heat a little oil in the pan, and put garlic and ginger in. Stir fry a bit.

2. Put all the tomato pieces and potato pieces in. Stir fry a little.

3. Add in water cover all ingredients. Then turn to low heat, and cover the pan with lid.

4. Simmer till potato softened and soup condensed. 

5. Add in cream and sugar. Stir evenly. Last put in salt and black pepper powder.

It goes well with homemade bread.

Quick Meal With Baguette

When I get home from work tried and hungry, I really don’t feel like cooking. Yet I don’t like eating outside so I have to figure out some quick and easy ways to solve the problem about food.

One of my hobbies is searching recipes that I think worth trying. Of course, I also keep an eye on those that can help me handle a meal within several minutes.
The other day I tried the following recipes with baguette. They turned out not bad and my husband loved them.

Mix melted butter with minced garlic and mixed herbs. Spread the mixture on the surface of baguette slices. Bake for 5 mins with 220 degree C. Easy and simple.

Baguette can also be used for sandwich. Cut a medium slice open in the middle. Add in the meat and vegetables you like. Then it’s done. You can also put in salad, or whatever you like.

This is my husband’s favorite. Put the scrambled egg on the surface of sliced baguette, and top with cheese slice. Put into the microwave oven for 1 or 2 minutes till the cheese is melted.

Crispy Fish Fillet (Non-fry)

I don’t like cooking dishes that need deep fried, because it means greasy kitchen, wasting too much oil, and getting hurt by hot oil easily. 

My husband like fish & chips very much, and both the dishes need deep frying. I looked up on the Internet and found ways to cook them without frying. 

This was the fish fillet I used. A dory fish fillet. Season it with salt and black pepper granules.

Bread crumbs need to be stir fry with a little oil for a while, which will make them look bright golden and taste better.

I also added some mixed herbs and minced garlic. When the color turns golden, turn off the oven.

Fish fillet first covered with a thin layer of flour, then egg, and bread crumbs at last.

Preheat oven to 200 degree C. In the oven for 20 minutes.

Dresses with some vegetable salad.

Fish fillet inside is very tender.