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Pear Paste (秋梨膏)

  1. Prepare 6 very big pears. Peel them, remove the seeds and cut into small chunks.
  2. Put all the pear chunks into blender and blend into paste.


Prepare ginger, red dates, 2 luo han guo (crushed) and 50g rock sugar cubes.

Put everything including the pear paste into a pot. Bring to boil with high heat. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 30 mins.

Sieve everything and only keep the liquid. To save more liquid, you can place all the residue into a cotton cloth. wrap it and squeeze all the juice out.

Pour the juice into the pot again. Bring to boil with high heat and simmer with low heat for about 1hr 30 mins. Or until it becomes as thick as honey.

Keep in a jar and store in refrigerator.

1 tbsp of pear paste and a glass of water.

Very good for coughing problems.


Homemade Kimchi

I love Chinese cabbage. I also love spicy food. There is no reason for me not to love kimchi. Kimchi can be easily bought from supermarket. Yet, I still want to try to make it by myself.

1. Prepare a head of Chinese cabbage. Remove the root. 

2. Cut cabbage into 4 part. And rinse under water. Clean each leaf.

3. Sprinkle salt ( I used sea salt) onto each layer. Let it rest for 2-3 hours.

4. In saucepan, pour into 1 cup water. Add in 2 tablespoon glutinous rice powder. Heat and stir at the same time. When the glutinous Rice powder dissolved, add in chili powder. You can taste when you add it. Stop when you think it’s spicy enough. Stir evenly.

5. Off the stove, add minced garlic, minced ginger, minced 1/2 pear and minced 1/2 apple. Mix them well.

The chili sauce is done.

6. Pour the water come from cabbage out. Rinse cabbage with water to wash the salt away. And squeeze the Chinese cabbage very hard.

7. Put the cabbage in a clean container. Spread chili sauce evenly on each layer of cabbage.

Finish with all the Chinese cabbage.

Make a label on the container with the date on it. 

You can have it after 3 days. Love it!

Good to go with BBQ pork or gyoza.

Big Bone Pear Soup

It’s the first time for me to try this dish. It’s a very simple Soup. But if you want the soup to be more delicious, it will take more time to cook it.

First, pour enough water in a deep pot. Put big bone or ribs into it. 

Turn to high heat. When water boils, remove the foam floating on surface. 

Turn to low heat. Cover the pot with lid. Boil for at least half an hour. In Chinese cuisine, good soup is usually a bit time consuming. I let the bone boil in pot for around one hour. And the soup become milky white in color.

Then add in pear chunks. And boil for at least another half an hour. Sprinkle some salt before serving.

It just needs bone or ribs, pear, water and salt. So it’s a simple soup. But it turns out very delicious. Pear adds sweetness to it. My husband loves it.

Pear Tart

Crust: butter 50g

Salt 1 pinch

Sugar 50g

Yolk 1

Water 10ml

Flour 100g

1. Mix flour with salt and sugar well.

2. Cut in butter. Use finger to mix butter with flour.

3. Mix yolk with water. Then add the mixture into flour butter mixture.

4. Roll dough into thin batter. Put into fridge after warped with plastic for at least 1 hour.


Butter 20g

Sugar 20g

Egg 25 g

Ground almond 20 g

Pear 1 (peeled, cited and cut into thin slices)

1. Cream butter with sugar till light and fluffy.

2. Add in egg. Mix well.

3. Add in almond ground. Mix well.

For tart:

1. Press batter into baking pan. Make small holes with folk.

2. Spread filling in.

3. Spread pear slices evenly on the surface. And sprinkle some extra almond ground.

Preheat oven to 180 degree C and bake for 40 mins.

Steamed Pear With Sugar Cube

It’s ideal for people who has sore throat or coughing. My husband felt sick today. So I steamed a pear for him.

1. Remove the peel of pear. Cut the top off. Use a spoon to remove the seed in the middle. 

2. Add several sugar cubes in the middle hole.

3. Put the top back.

4. Put pear in a bowl. And put the pear in boiling water in a pot. Water should be lower than the bowl. Then cover the pot with lid. Steam for 30 mins with low heat.

Pear will be soft. Sugar cubes will be melted.