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Green Bean Wide Vermicelli, Spinach & Egg Stir-fry

I found a pack of green bean wide Vermicelli in a corner at the small supermarket near my home. I was very curious about it, because it’s my first time to see Vermicelli made from green beans. And more surprisingly, it’s from Qufu city, Confucius’s hometown, and it’s also a city next to my hometown. But I have never heard about it before. I really couldn’t control my curiosity, so I bought one pack. šŸ™‚ really want to figure out how this transparent Vermicelli tastes.

I boil 100g green bean wide vermicelli in boiling water for 8 mins according to the instruction on the package. Then take them out and soak in cold water. Drain them.

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Pour in two beaten eggs. Make scrambled egg. And set egg aside.

2. Heat the pan again. Add in a little oil if needed. SautƩ chopped garlic and dried red chili till aromatic.

3. Add in spinach. Quickly stir fry with medium-high heat.

4. Once spinach turns soft and greener, add in green bean vermicelli. Stir fry for 1-2 mins.

5. Add in scrambled egg. Mix evenly.

6. Season with salt and black pepper.

Serve hot.

It’s actually not bad. Green bean vermicelli tastes like very similar to regular vermicelli made from sweet potato. But more chewy.

Braised Pork With Mushroom & VermicelliĀ 

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in a little  ginger shreds. Stir fry a bit.

2. Put in pork slices ( cut pork belly into medium thick slices). Stir fry till they turn a bit golden brown.

3. Add in mushrooms ( torn into slim shreds). Stir fry till they get softened.

4. Add in 1 tsp light soy sauce and 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce. Stir fry evenly.

5. Pour in enough hot water reaches half height of all ingredients. 

6. Turn to medium heat. Cover the pan with lid and braise for 5-10 mins.

7. Add in vermicelli, and braise to another 5-10 mins. (Please refer to the instruction on package).

8. Sprinkle some salt to season and some chopped spring onion. 

9. Braise for another minute and dish out.

Stir Fry Vermicelli With Vegetables


Vermecelli ( cooked in boiling water till almost done, not completely done. Then rinse and drain)

Onion shreds 

Carrot shreds

Spinach ( cooked in boiling water for several seconds. Then squeese the water out and drain)

A little chopped ginger

1 tsp light soy sauce

1 tsp dark soy sauce

1 tsp sugar

A little salt

1 tsp white sesame 

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in ginger. Stir fry a bit.

2. Add in onion and carrot. Stir fry till they turn softened.

3. Add in vermicelli, stir fry evenly with carrot and onion. 

4. Add in light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sugar. Then stir fry evenly for around 2-3 mins.

5. Add in salt and spinach. Stir fry evenly.

6. Last add in sprinkle white sesame.

Braised Beef Slices With Golden Needle Mushroom & Ā Vermicelli

Here beef slices are the kind for hot pot.

1. Stir fry beef slices in the pan till color turns light and no blood. Take them out.

2. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in chopped ginger, 1 tsp Pixian Bean Sauce and 1 tsp sweet bean sauce. Stir fry a bit.

3. Add in golden needle mushroom. Stir evenly with sauce.

4. Put in fried beef. Stir fry evenly with golden needle mushrooms. 

5. Spread vermicelli ( soaked in the water for several minutes) on the beef and mushrooms. Sprinkle some sugar. Add in a little water. Cover the pan with lid.

6. Braise for several minutes till vermicelli done. Sprinkle chopped spring onion and green chili. Stir fry for another minute.

Braised Pork With Potato And Vermicelli

Apart from dumpling, vermicelli is another food to help me with my nostalgia.

Vermicelli is a commonly seen food in northern part of China, especially in winter. Just imagine, it’s chilling outside, and you have a bowl of braised pork with vermicelli on your table. All the coldness will be gone.

Oil, pork (cut into slices), potato ( chopped into medium pieces), vermicelli, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt, water.


Heat oil in the pan, put in pork slices. Pork with a little fat would be perfect and it will taste better. The oil will come from the fat. Stir fry till the pork turn a bit brown.

Add in potato pieces. Keep stir frying till the edge of potato turns transparent.

Add in a little dark soy sauce and some light soy sauce. Keep stir frying till each pork and potato piece coated with soy sauce.

Add in water enough to cover all ingredients in the pan. Then cover the pan with lid. Braise with medium heat.

When the water becomes less, and potato softens, put in vermicelli. The vermicelli I used is easy to cook. Only takes five minutes to be cooked. And no need to be soaked in the water before cooking. Please read instruction on the vermicelli’s pack before cooking.
Vermicelli will be softened. Then stir it with potato and pork.

You can use chopsticks to stir vermicelli, because it’s easy for them to stick together.
After around 5 minutes, the dish is done when vermicelli is done. You’d better try it to make it’s truly done. Add in salt. And stir evenly.

Vermicelli will become transparent. And potato also tasty for braised with pork and soy sauce for such a long time.