Beef & Asparagus Pasta

The pasta I used was pasta with eggs. Wider than linguine. 1. Prepare beef slices and chopped asparagus. 2. Cook pasta according to the instruction. Soak in cold water and drain. 3. Heat a little oil in the pan. Add in beef slices. Quick stir fry with medium-high heat. Bring to brown. 4. Add in... Continue Reading →


Water Chestnuts Dessert

Water chestnut is not usually seen in my hometown, but very common in Singapore. And it's widely used in cooking savory food, dessert and making drinks. Ingredients: Peeled Water chestnuts (around 8) Water 500g Red dates (4-5 cut into halves and remove the seed) Wolf berries several Sugar 1 tablespoon (you can cut or add... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Pea Flower Drink

Last time, when my husband and I were in Bangkok, we tried butterfly pea tea there. We knew the tea from a Japanese animation show - Detective Conan. And my husband has been curious about it since then. Butterfly pea tea we tried in Bangkok was really nice. And my husband wanted to make it... Continue Reading →

Sticky Rice Shumai

Sticky rice needs to be soaked in water over night. Drain them and steam for 15 mins. Prepare 1 Chinese sausage, 3 shiitake mushrooms, and cut them into small dice. Thaw 1/2 cup frozen mixed vegetables. For the shumai wrap, I bought one pack from supermarket. You can also make wrap by yourself if you... Continue Reading →

Wanton Noodles

As a Chinese born and grew up in northern part of China, I'm very familiar with noodles. Yet, its very difficult for me to cook southern pattern noodles well, like rice noodle, Hokkien mee. I tried wanton noodles before and it didn't turn out well. I guess the main reason is that I didn't pay... Continue Reading →

Creamy Linguine

1. Thaw shrimps and green peas. And wipe them with kitchen towel. 2. Cook linguine follow the instructions on the package. 3. Heat a pan. Add in 1 tablespoon oil. 4. Add in shrimps. Stir fry till pinkish. 5. Add in 2 cloves minced garlic and green peas. Stir fry for another minute. 6. Cut... Continue Reading →

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