Spicy Sticky Rice Cake

Here is the sticky rice cake I bought from supermarket: 1. Put rice cake in a big bowl. Add in enough water. Separate each rice cake and soak for a while. Then drain them. 2. Heat a little oil in the pan. Sauté chopped garlic and onion till aromatic. 3. Add in carrot shreds and... Continue Reading →


Stir-fry Prawn Hokkien Noodles

The real stir-fry hokkien noodles need squid and pork. But here I didn’t use them. And this recipe is different from the real one.  1. Beat two eggs in a bowl. Heat oil in the pan and make scrambled egg. 2. Take the egg out. Fry the Prawns till pink and set them aside too.... Continue Reading →

Stir Fry Cabbage With Pork

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in pork belly slices. Stir fry till a bit golden brown. 2. Add in chopped ginger, garlic and chili. Stir fry a bit. 3. Put in chopped cabbage pieces. Stir fry till softened. 4. Add in 1 tsp light soy sauce, and 1 tsp oyster sauce.... Continue Reading →

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