Homemade Kimchi

I used 1 big Chinese cabbage, about 300g. Cut it into halves, then quarters. Remove the root. And chop it into smaller pieces. Put them all in a big basin. Add in 1 cup water and 6 tbsp salt. Let them marinate in salty water for 2 hours. Remember to flip and toss them a…

Jajangmyeon (Korean noodles in black bean sauce)

  Prepare pork and vegetables. Cut 100g pork (you can also use chicken, if you want.) into dice. 1/8 head cabbage, 1/2 onion, 1/1 stalk of green onion all chop into small dices. Heat a pan. Add in 3 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp chunjang (black bean paste). Stir fry for about 3 mins. Discard…

Pork & Vegetable Pot

My husband had dinner with a friend. Somehow they talked about Spanish Iberico Pork. His friend said this kind of pork is very delicious. And my husband told me immediately after that dinner. Then when we shopping for groceries the other day, he found that Spanish pork in the frozen counter. What a coincidence. So…

Cabbage Chicken Roll

1. Prepare fillings: Minced chicken 100g (u can also use minced pork or beef) 1/2 diced onion 2-3 chopped Shiitake mushroom (optional) Salt and pepper Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl. 2. Prepare 6 -8 cabbage leaves. 3. Soak cabbage leaves in hot water till softened. 4. One roll needs 2 cabbage leaves….

Chicken, Vegetable & Vermicelli Stir-fry

When I don’t have enough time to think what to cook, stir-fry will be my first choice. All I need is to put some vegetables and meat and stir fry them. 1. Soak vermicelli in water for 3-5 mins or till it becomes completely soft and transparent. Cut shorter with scissors. And drain. 2. Cut…

Stir-fry Prawn Hokkien Noodles

The real stir-fry hokkien noodles need squid and pork. But here I didn’t use them. And this recipe is different from the real one.  1. Beat two eggs in a bowl. Heat oil in the pan and make scrambled egg. 2. Take the egg out. Fry the Prawns till pink and set them aside too….

Stir Fry Cabbage With Pork

1. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in pork belly slices. Stir fry till a bit golden brown. 2. Add in chopped ginger, garlic and chili. Stir fry a bit. 3. Put in chopped cabbage pieces. Stir fry till softened. 4. Add in 1 tsp light soy sauce, and 1 tsp oyster sauce….