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Chicken Soup Noodle

When my husband feels sick, I cook him chicken soup. Actually, every time I make chicken soup, it’s possibly to leave some over. So I keep the left soup in a jar and stored in fridge. Stored chicken soup can be used to cook. And the easiest one is to cook noodles.

This is the fresh soup not the stored one.

It’s easy to make chicken soup. 

Put chicken in a deep pot. Add in enough water and several ginger slices. Turn to high heat at first. When the soup boiled, turn to low height. If you want really good chicken soup, you’d better cook it for at least one hour. The soup will taste really great. I cooked it for about one hour and a half. And add some salt to it, or it will be plain. I also added several shiitake, because I really like it.

You can cook noodle when chicken soup is almost done. Just cook noodle with water. When noodle is cooked. Take it out and drain. After drained, put noodle in a bowl. 

Scoop some chicken soup and add to noodle in the bowl. If you like, you can add some green vegetables and chopped spring onion. 

My husband are it all, even he’s sick. It’s very nutritious.


Easy Vegetable Soup

Vegetables I used includes tomato, shiitake, carrot and spinach.

1. Remove peel of tomato. Chop tomato and carrot into small pieces.

2. Heat a very little oil in the pan. Put tomato pieces in. Stir fry a bit.

3. Add in enough water. Put carrot and shiitake in.

4. Simmer till carrot softens. Because I cooked other dishes at the same time, so I let the soup simmer for about 30 mins.

5. Finally, add in spinach. Add some salt and a little sugar.

Easy Red Date Chicken Leg Soup

Chicken leg and several red dates in a pot. Pour in enough water that higher than ingredients. Turn to medium heat and cook for around 1 hour and a half. The soup will become a little white in color. Before turn off the stove, add a little salt. If you like, you can also add some wolf berries. 

In Chinese medicine, red date is good for skin and health. So it’s ideal for women to have.

Easy Shiitake Chicken Leg Soup

This soup is very easy. Just put chicken leg in a pot, add in enough water. At first, use medium heat. After water gets boiled, turn to low heat. Cook for half an hour. Then add in shiitake and wolf berries. Cook for at least another half an hour. Add in salt and it’s done.

It actually took me one hour and a half to make this soup. Just the longer you cook it, the better it will taste.

Bacon Potato Soup

1. Cut potato and onion into small pieces. (Here I used two potatoes and one onion.)

2. Heat the oil in the pan. Put in the bacon bits. When the bacon bits get a little burnt, take them out.

3. Stir fry onion first. Then the potato pieces.

4. Add in enough water that covers potato pieces. Boil them till potato gets soft.

5. Use blender to smash potatoes.

6. Put smashed potato back into the pan. Add a little water or the soup will get burnt easily. Also add in light cream, salt and black pepper powder. Keep stirring till all the things mix well.

Ladle the soup out into bowl, and add in the bacon bits. 

Ge Da Soup

It’s a traditional soup in China. When I was little, my mom always cooked me this soup, especially in cold weather or when I was sick.

It also has an interesting name. Ge Da in Chinese means a lump, a knot, even means pimple on face. But here it means the flour in the soup. Because the flour will become many small lumps.

There are many kinds of ge da soup, and there are also ge da soup restaurants in China. Tomato and egg ge da soup is probably the most common one.

1. Prepare a half bowl of flour.

2. Add a little water in the flour.

3. Stir flour with a chopstick very quickly till flour lumps are shaped.

4. Heat a little oil in the pan. Put in tomato pieces. ( I used 2 large tomatoes, peeled off and chopped into small pieces).

5. Stir fry tomato a little, then add in 2 bowls of water. Cover the pan with lid.

6. When water boiled and tomato soup becomes a little condensed, add in all the flour lumps ( flour ge da). Stir with chopsticks, in case they stick together.

7. When the flour lumps are cooked. Beat an egg in a bowl, stir evenly. Then pour egg into the pan, while pouring, you should also keep stirring with chopsticks. 

8. Add in spring onion pieces and salt.

If you like, you can also add a little sesame oil to your soup.

The flour ge da ( lump) tastes very chewy. When I was little, I liked finding ge da in the soup. It’s very interesting to me.

Chinese people do love tomato and egg. We make them into soup and dish. We also make them go well with rice and noodles.

If you notice the Olympic Games, you will find even Chinese athletes wear red and yellow. Chinese netizens call that tomato and egg color. 🙂

3 Different Kinds of Rib Soup

Ribs can be stir fried, braised, steamed and also used to make soup.

 Ribs, carrot and corn soup.

This is my husband’s favorite.

1. Ribs in the pot with cold water. Turn to medium heat. When the water boiled, remove the foam on the surface.

2. Put in corn. Cook for 30 minutes with low heat. 

3. Add in carrot, and cook till carrot gets softened.

4. At last add some salt.

Carrot and corn will make the soup a little sweet. It’s really a healthy soup.
Ribs and water cress soup.

First step is same as above.

After water gets boiled and foam removed, turn to low heat. Put in some wolf berries and cook for at least 20 minutes.

Then put in water cress. I used half a pack. 

When water cress is done, the soup is done.

Wolf berries are good for eyes. Recently, there is haze in Singapore, this soup is a good choice in such situation.
Ribs and lotus root soup.

First step also as same as above.

After foam removed, put in chopped clean lotus root pieces. Cover the pot with lid. Turn to low heat. Cook till lotus root is done. Last, sprinkle some chopped spring onion. 

Lotus root will help to clean waste in human bodies, so it’s also a good choice in haze days.

Tomato & Potato Soup

It’s a very easy soup.


A little garlic and ginger granules.

3 medium tomatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

5 small potatoes ( peeled and chopped into small pieces)

Salt, 1 tsp sugar, black pepper powder, 1 tsp cream (optional), water.

1. Heat a little oil in the pan, and put garlic and ginger in. Stir fry a bit.

2. Put all the tomato pieces and potato pieces in. Stir fry a little.

3. Add in water cover all ingredients. Then turn to low heat, and cover the pan with lid.

4. Simmer till potato softened and soup condensed. 

5. Add in cream and sugar. Stir evenly. Last put in salt and black pepper powder.

It goes well with homemade bread.

Cook One Fish In Two Ways

Compared to fried fish in western countries, Chinese people always choose to cook fish in different ways, like fish soup, braised fish in brown sauce, or steamed fish.
I bought this sea bass from supermarket. Yet, I found it too big and we didn’t have a pan big enough to cook it. So I decided to divided it into two parts. Fish head for the soup. Fish body and tail for the braised one.

Fish head soup is very popular in China, since many people think this dish is very good for health. Nutritious elements in fish will be contained in the soup.

It is not difficult to make fish soup.

1. Heat the oil in the pan, and fry two sides of the fish head. When the color turns a little brown, pour in the hot water. 

2. Add two or three ginger slices, salt and green onion.

3. Cook the soup with low heat. The longer you cook it, the whiter will the soup color become.

4. When the soup color turns milky white, add some tofu ( better be silken tofu) slices into it.

5. Cook for another 20 minutes or so. 

I really think silken tofu is a perfect match to fish soup.

Braised fish in brown sauce
This dish can be done while fish soup on the stove.
1. Similar to the soup above. Heat the oil in the pan, and fry two sides of the fish body. When the color turns a little brown, add in a little light soy sauce, dark soy sauce (light soy sauce contains salt, dark soy sauce is for dark color) and sugar.

2. Make the fish coated with sugar soy sauce. And pour in hot water.

3. Put in some ginger slices. Cover the pan with lid.

4. When the sauce in the pan become less than 1/4. Take the fish out.

5. Keep hearing the sauce in the pan until it becomes very condensed. And pour it onto the fish.

Dip the fish with sauce before put it into mouth. It really tastes great.

Pumpkin Soup

This is an easy and quick dish made of vegetables.

1. Chop pumpkin, garlic, celery, and carrot into small pieces.

2. Heat the oil in the pan. Put garlic in first.

3. Then the carrot and celery. Stir fry a little.

4. Pumpkin at last. Stir fry for around 2 minutes.

5. Then add in enough water that covers all the vegetables. Cover the pan with lid.

6. When the vegetables soften, use blender to smash them.

7. Put the smashed mixture of vegetables back into the pan. Heat it again. Because the smashed mixture is very condensed, you can add in some water.

8. Then add a little milk and salt. Keep stirring. It will be done once boiled again. After milk added in, the color will become a little lighter.

You can add a little herbs or spices you like.
And you can also make a little decoration for it. Just spread several milk drops onto the surface, and use a toothpick draw on it. Yeah, I’m not good at it. The white part I drew is not that beautiful.
The soup tastes great. The pumpkin I used is kind of sweet. Carrot and celery make it healthier.